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We welcome everyone interested in understanding more about our society and our economy to take part in our society! Many of our members are economics students, but we also have a lot of other students as well. We have members that belong to the right, the centre and the left; all different political views and ideologies. Our members favour different economic schools and economists. DSEP does not represent any particular view, but encourage all perspectives to come forward, be understood and questioned, and to discuss them openly and critically. We welcome everyone – the only thing we all have in common is the interest to understand our economy and our society!

DSEP arranges a lot of events and runs different projects. We arrange pluralist sessions, we develop a public education project, a curriculum project. To be able to do all this we need enthusiastic and determined people. Would love to hear from you if you are interested in taking part in our society.

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Normally, we elect a new exec every April / May. If you are considering joining the exec, you can read more about the Exec here.

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