Pluralist Sessions/Talks

Pluralist sessions are events where we gather our members to explore the amazing world of economics. We invite academics from a broad spectre of economic schools and disciplines from all over UK to come and share their knowledge on economic theory and contemporary research. Our aim is to arrange interactive events focused on knowledge, critical thinking, open discussions and academic curiosity.

We aim to have a talk 1-2 times a term. All updates will be in our facebook group.

This year we are also going to start LIVE STREAMING our events, which you can either watch live or afterwards on our Youtube channel.

Pluralist Sessions (2019/20)

‘Why We Should Aim to Work a One Day Week’
Dr. Brendan Burchell, Cambridge University.
Monday, 17th February, 2020 7:00 pm, Elvet Riverside ER142

‘The Macrofoundations of Macroeconomics’
Professor Steve Keen, Kingston University London.
Wednesday, 13th November 2019, 7:00 pm, Elvet Riverside ER142. 

Pluralist Sessions (2018/19)

‘Some history of Post-Keynesian economics’
Emertius Professor Victoria Chick, University College London.
Thursday, October 25th, 8.30 pm, Senate Suite, Castle. Organised by Durham Professor Matteo Iannizzotto, but open to everyone.

‘Heat, Greed and Human Need: Climate Change, Capitalism and Sustainable Wellbeing’
Professor Ian Gough, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change, LSE
Thursday, November 8th, 7.30 pm, venue tba.

‘Uncertain futures: the implications for economics’
Richard Bronk, Visiting Fellow at the European Institute, LSE. Author of Uncertain futures: imaginaries, narratives and calculation in the economy (2018).
Thursday, November 22nd, 7.30 pm, Senate Suite, Castle.

‘What is institutional economics and why are institutions important?
Professor Geoffrey Hodgson, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Institutional Economics. Author of over 16 books, among them Conceptualizing Capitalism: Institutions, Evolution, Future (2015).
Thursday, February 14th, 7.30 pm, Ustinov Room, Van Mildert College.

Previous events (2017)

Welcome “Give It a Go” Meeting and EGM (Elections!) Come to get more info, ask questions and apply or vote for the board positions being elected. Tuesday October 10th, 8 pm, Kingsgate DSU

1. Introduction to Pluralism
Julian Reiss, Professor of Philosophy, Durham University on “The Philosophy of Economics”
Matteo Iannizzotto, Professor of Economics, Durham University on “Schools of Economic Thought”.
Monday, October 16th, 6 pm

2. How to Solve the UK Housing Crisis
Kenneth Gibb, Professor of Housing Economics, Glasgow University and Director of UK Collaborative Center for Housing Evidence (CaCHE).
Thursday, November 2nd, 7 pm

3. Ha-Joon Chang: Economics – but not as you know it
Ha-Joon Chang is a prize-winning economist, Cambridge University Economics and Development Studies Lecturer and author of best-selling books such as ”23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism.” The talk is based on his recent book “Economics: The User’s Guide” (2014).
Monday, 20th November, 5 pm

Financial Crisis Week – 10 Years After 27th November – 3rd December

4. Thinking Anew About Financial Markets
Paul Langley, Economic Geography Professor at Durham University and author of books such as Liquidity Lost (2015) and The Everyday Life of Global Finance (2008).
Thursday, November 30th, 6 pm

5. Conference: Financial Crisis – Perspectives 10 Years After
Mark Hayes, Affiliated Lecturer in the Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge, Kevin Dowd, Professor of Finance and Economics at Durham University
Simon Mohan, Emeritus Professor of Political Economy at Queen Mary University of London.
Saturday, November 2nd, 11 am – 5 pm