Public Education Project

The subject of Economics is arguably the most powerful subject in our society. It frames much of our political debate and our political understanding. In a democracy, it is vital that most people can contribute to the public debate and form well-founded opinions about how things should be. Because economics has such an important role in politics, the public debate and in our democracy, it is important that economic understanding belongs to everyone.

DSEP believes that making understanding of Economics accessible for most people is to strengthen our democracy and empower people to be a part of their society. A fundamental goal in our society should be to spread economic knowledge and to make the subject inclusive.

DSEP aims to take part in reaching this goal. We are currently developing a public education project run by Durham students. The aim of this project is to offer the local community an opportunity to learn, understand and discuss economics. We aim to work with the local authorities and the University to develop this program. More updates will come as the project develops.

We welcome everyone interested to take part in this project. Please feel free to contact our Vice President, Sally, if you want to help, have questions or ideas – we are looking forward to hearing from you!