The Exec

DSEP is run by an exec consisting of seven members, which is elected at a general meeting (normally the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in April/May). All members of DSEP can run for any position in the DSEP exec, but we encourage those interested in the exec to get involved in the society before running for a position.

The exec is lead by The President together with the Vice President. The Vice President is currently responsible for the work on the curriculum in the Economics course. The Secretary is responsible for the administrative work of the society, and The Treasurer keeps control of the society’s economy, including sponsorship. The Editor is responsible for creating new issues of o ‘The Pluralist’ to be published on its official site. The Publicity Officer is responsible for the graphical work and makes sure the society is visible through social media and other platforms. The Event Officer is responsible for all the events hosted by DSEP, pluralist sessions being the most important one. The Public Education Officer (currently inactive) is responsible for the work on making economics accessible in our local community.


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Stefan van Niekerk (20) is from South Africa and America. He is the President of the Society and is a third year Economics student from Van Mildert College.

Vice President

Radhika Trivedi

Radhika Trivedi (22) is from Calcutta, India and is Vice-President of DSEP. She is a third year student studying PPE from Van Mildert College.


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Peter Tkatchenko (21) is from New York, New York and is the Secretary for DSEP.



Tanya Goiporia (21) is from Mumbai, India but lives in Dubai and is the Treasurer of DSEP. She studies Economics in the third year, University College.

Curriculum Officer(s)

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Patrick Stephens (19) is from Kent, England. He is DSEP’s Curriculum Officer, and will be writing this year’s review of the Durham Economics Curriculum. He is a second year PPE student from St Mary’s College.

Event Officer


Isaac von Kaufmann (19) is from Kent, UK and is the Events Officer of the Society. He studies Economics with Management in the 2nd year, University College.

Publicity Officer

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Antara Sutradhar (19) is from Singapore and India. She is DSEP’s Publicity Officer, and will be managing its public presence on campus. She is a second year Philosophy student from Van Mildert College.

Digital Magazine Editor

Vinayak Unnithan

Vinayak Unnithan (20) is from India and Malaysia. He is the Editor of DSEP’s newly formed website containing our digital magazine, The Pluralist. He is a third year Economics student from Van Mildert College.