The Society

Durham Society for Economic Pluralism (DSEP) is a newly founded society at Durham University, created in March 2017. The society is run by the exec, but we also have different sub-committees working on different projects. We welcome everyone to join and take part in our society!

The aims of DSEP, stated in our constitution, are:

  • Promote awareness of Economic Pluralism (EP) among students at Durham University.
  • Promote pluralism in Economics teaching at Durham University.
  • Provide a space for critical discussion and academic progress in the subject of Economics.
  • Make Economics more accessible to the public.
  • On a global scale, contribute to a pluralist, interdisciplinary and democratic reform of the Economic discipline.

Our goal is to understand the world and the economy in the best possible way. We do not favour any schools, theories or political views. We favour a critical, curious and open discussion, based on the knowledge and perspectives of all the different economic theories, together with other social sciences. We favour pluralism because we believe this is the best way to improve our understanding of the world and the economy. And we believe that pluralism will encourage more reflection, discussion and curiosity among students, academics and people in general that in turn will lead to a more dynamic development of our subject and our understanding of the world and the economy. You can read more about economic pluralism here.

Spreading knowledge and ideas about the economy is not only important for the subject of economics. It is also very important for our democracy. The economic subject is arguably the most powerful subject in politics, framing the public political debate and our political understanding. Spreading economic understanding and ideas are making the democracy stronger. You can read more about our accessibility project here.

We work towards these ideas and aims by arranging various events and projects. We host lectures and workshops addressing theoretical and contemporary economic issues, approached in a pluralistic way. We want this to be a place for curiosity, learning, critical and open discussion and a place where students and academics can meet.

We are also developing two interesting and important projects. The public education project aims to increase public understanding of economics by arranging lectures and workshops for the local community held by Durham Students. The curriculum project aims to investigate the curriculum and student awareness and knowledge of economics at Durham University.

DSEP wants to include everyone keen on understanding the economy to our society. We are a transparent and open society, based on a strong sense of democratic organisational culture. To do not hesitate to contact us if you want to take part in our society, our projects or our events. We welcome everyone to join!